Regulatory Assistance and Negotiation

In today's world, every business deals with regulations. This is particularly true for property development. Robinson Noble brings decades of experience to the table when dealing with regulatory compliance. We provide technical support to clients and/or their legal counsel in complying with regulations across all levels of government. We also provide support to agencies in developing the technical understanding needed to craft appropriate and relevant standards.

Some of our key areas of expertise include: water rights, well construction/design standards, site-cleanup standards, and remedial action requirements under MTCA and CERCLA. We maintain close familiarity with pertinent local codes including those related to environmental cleanup and land development.

Sometimes, despite their best intentions, businesses run afoul of regulations. Robinson Noble is skilled at helping business negotiate with agencies to solve such issues when they arise. We have successfully negotiated with the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Health, various county-level health departments, and other local agencies.