Groundwater Management

Water Wells

Robinson Noble has designed wells for nearly every drilling method, every well application, and every hydrogeologic setting in the Pacific Northwest. We have equally extensive experience with well rehabilitation, wellfield maintenance and optimization, water level and quality monitoring, and aquifer testing.


Shallow groundwater can be an impediment to construction activities. Projects occasionally require the temporary lowering of the water table in order to finish below-grade activities such as trench work, shoring or foundations, etc. Our engineers work with contractors to assess site dewatering needs, to define water disposal options, and to prepare successful dewatering plans.

Saltwater Intrusion

Many of Washington's island and coastal communities face the difficulty of limited freshwater sources. Use of groundwater in these settings comes with the risk of saltwater intrusion. We have a long history of assisting groundwater users in managing their resource and defining methods to mitigate saltwater impacts.