Key Personnel


Kari ThomasKari A. Thomas LG, RG
Senior Project Geologist

Kari is a Licensed Geologist in Washington State and a Registered Geologist in Oregon. With over 12 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering, industrial hygiene, materials, and environmental consulting fields. Her work experience and formal education includes groundwater and soil sampling, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, geotechnical and environmental drilling, asbestos and hazardous material building surveys, hazardous materials abatement oversight, indoor air quality and mold assessments, well installation, and construction monitoring. Kari also has experience working with wetlands management including groundwater elevation surveys, stream/channel flow, and sediment-loading studies.

John AndersonJohn H. Anderson PE, CESCL
Project Engineer

John is an Engineer-in-Training in Washington State and a licensed Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL). As a geotechnical engineering intern with Seattle Public Utilities, he gained a wide range of experience with permitting, field reconnaissance, laboratory testing, and contractor coordination. John’s work in the construction industry provided complementary hands-on experience with foundation reinforcements, drainage, and the interpretation of building drawings and specifications. He performs a wide array of geotechnical investigations and reconnaissance (test pits, borings, subgrade evaluations) as well as in situ (nuclear densometer testing, dynamic cone penetrometer) and laboratory testing (Proctor compaction, sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, moisture density, etc.) of soil.


Andrew BrownellAndrew T. Brownell GIT
Project Geologist

Andrew is a ProjectGeologist with a variety of experience in the geological and environmental fields. He is a member of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and the Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals. His work experience and formal education includes groundwater sampling, groundwater assessments, well data analysis, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. His prior work experience includes field studies of beach erosion and sediment morphology with the Swinomish Tribe. Andrew also has experience working for the USGS on coastal landform categorization and organization using ArcGIS.


Andrew Brownell
Ryan W.C. Minkel LG
Staff Geologist

Ryan is a Staff Geologist and is a licensed geolgogist with Washington State. He is a recent graduate of Western Washington University with a passion for the outdoors, having completed volunteer work for a local research center, habitat enhancement group, and Western Washington University. Ryan’s responsibilities at Robinson Noble include laboratory tests such as moisture-density relationships, grain-size analyses and Atterberg limits. He also performs in situ soil tests to determine infiltration rates and resistivity. Ryan evaluates bearing capacity of soil for foundations, pavements and retaining walls, and explores subsurface conditions via hand augers, test pits and soil borings. Ryan observes and reports on construction activities on a variety of projects including municipal, commercial and residential development.

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